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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ahmad Shamlu : Pervasive Love

Tears are enigma,
Smiles are enigma,
Love is enigma…

The teardrop of that night
Was the smile of my love.

I am no fable to be told by you,
I am no melody you can sing,
I am not a voice for you to hear,
Or something to see,
Or even conceive.
I am a pervasive pain…
Yell me.

The tree talks to the forest,
The grass to the field,
The star to the Milky Way,
And I am talking to you.

Tell me your name,
Give me your hand.
Speak up,
Hand me your heart,
I have your roots in my grasp,
With your lips
I have spoken to all lips,
And your hand feels familiar in mine.

In intense solitude, I have cried with you
For the living,
And in the dark graveyard
With you, I have sung
The loveliest songs,
Because the recent dead
Were the most lovelorn when alive.

Give me your hand,
I am familiar to it.
I speak to you, my overdue love,
As the cloud speaks to the storm,
The grass to the field,
The rain to the sea,
The bird to springtime,
And as the tree speaks to the forest,
Because I
Have grasped your roots,
Because my voice
Is familiar to yours.

Translated by Tatul Sonentz
from the Armenian version by Norvan

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