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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nader Naderpoor : Song of My Return

That heaven may take you one day
from me does not scare me.
I fear, however, that someday you may
take yourself away from me.

I fear, that night might storm inside your soul
and shroud the sunshine of love,
fell the tree I planted in you and blow
the leaves of closeness to dust.

Don’t take yourself away from me
You were born in me
and with you the morning came to be.
You came forth in me
and with you came the birth of hope.
You smiled at me and all
the days of the world smiled. You made
the spring leaves bloom in me…

You are the breeze.
You spread the goodness of the sun on me.
You are the sunrise.
The rainbow of your smile extends
from beginning to eternity and heaven
flows beneath the arcs of your eyes.
Morning rises from your lips
and the sun from your glance.

You are a window that opens
between me and my fate, a window
bright as the sun and wide as the sky.
Don’t take yourself away from me,
I was born in you and with you.

Let me die in you and with you.

Poem by NADER NADERPOUR (1929-2000)
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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