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Monday, 12 October 2009

Ahmad Shamlu - NO LONGER ALONE

A dove on my shoulder
sips water from your lips.
That dove on my shoulder refreshes my throat --
A caring, stunning fowl that speaks from my shoulder
of light and of man – that living god of all idols…

In starlit eternity I walk with man.

At high noon, truth quakes in the street
a man falls on the pavement
Inside the house, a woman cries,
a child smiles In the cradle…

Man is the mortar that binds with truth.
Man is the twin of eternity --
I am familiar with eternity.

Freedom sings beneath the stone walls
of eternal dungeons.
The glow-worm’s dim light reflects in the eyes
of mutant dolls and my town
Rediscovers the choreography
of its alleys…

Nowhere, ever, the scream of life is left
without an answer.
I listen to distant calls and from afar
men listen to my calls – I am alive.
My scream is not left unanswered –
your caring heart is the answer.

My bird with the golden voice
frolics in the foliage of your house, my beloved,
put on your fine garments –
love favours us.
With you, I pursue my dreams, wide awake.
I discover the poem in the veracity
of your brow’s vitality.

You speak to me of light and of man –
parent to all idols…

With you, at the dawn of my dreams,
I am no longer alone.

Ahmat Shamlu - from the book The Fresh Air
translated by Tatul Sonentz

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