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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tatul Sonentz - DE PROFUNDIS

in memoriam IV/XXIV

Our Father,
who are and were in Your heaven
when your children were led to slaughter
like so many herds of sheep or cattle,
hallowed be Thy name,
for some of them survived
and to this day wait for
Your Kingdom to come
and Your will to be done on earth
as it is in Your heaven, where a million
and a half of your children -- our late kin --
after a stay of nine decades in Your House
still await justice for their affronted
martyrdom in a forest of crosses
raised where not a tree grows
and only the unredeemed
blood of martyrs flowed
irrigating the sands
for a new crop
of swords…

Give us this day, oh Father, something
other than our daily dread
of denial and despair…
and forgive us our trespasses – as you shower
those who trespassed against You and us
with ill-gained bounty and boundless power
over all that once walked tall in your shadow
and now grovel on the face of this earth,
this lone planet, whose dust and ashes
-- in Your very own blessed words --
the meek shall inherit someday…
after time and space, light and
darkness have long been forgotten…

And… oh, yes! Lead us not into temptation, Lord,
lest, offending Your chosen people, we covet
retribution or – may God forbid -- even justice…
but deliver us from the evil of false witness, for it distorts,
demeans and tarnishes the divine power,
and the glory of Your Kingdom
forever and ever…


Tatul Sonentz

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