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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vahe Oshagan - WAITING

is life’s greedy appetite to live
that from my eyes ears and with my breath
pervades fills up and discards
clings to the naked body of space
begs for love and hands it out like radiance
slithering like a spy among the words
detaches meanings from their form
their voice and I’m left without self
frail unresolved with unreal words
I am merely a presence – is this the man?
What is he to me? Dissimilar
I am fashioned of a time of waiting
that devoured my parched and starved self
it knocks in my temples of awareness
from countless unseen points of the cosmos
every second with large hefty thumps
reaching me – the puny lonely patron
at the seaside café of waiting
expecting a meeting with a rude stranger
late again or early? How should I know?
Minutes converge on me from all sides
but the waiting must last forever
Nothing else to do if you want to grasp
liberty with open eyes your mind free
safe and sound from the voracity
of time.

Poem by Vahe Oshagan
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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