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Friday, 15 January 2010

Houri Ipekian - ILLUSION

In azure skies
White seagulls keep soaring
Awaiting vessels...

Like incinerated leaves,
From the pallid lips of longing,
The tart, autumnal days
Of my vigil’s forest
Now trickle down
In the azure skies…

Misty, stillborn memories,
Mere shimmering veils,
Expand at their own pace
Like fading echoes,
Into the opaque heart of caves,
Where shrouded fables
Implore, thirsting
For their own lights…
And wait for vessels.

Facing the cliffs of daydreams,
Above the sands of gold,
Nostalgia’s calls fall on deaf ears,
And burst into tears…
In the azure skies
White gulls keep soaring
Awaiting vessels…

-- Behold! The wavy-haired naiads
Guiding mainsails
To the lighthouse of my anxiety …
-- Mainsails? Lilies of the deep…
Or illusory bouquets of foam
In the illusion of a sea…

On the cliffs of futile days,
On these indifferent shores,
It’s my heart! My heart vacant
Of a vessel’s delusion,
Sobbing to oblivion
In the azure sea.

White seagulls are still soaring…

Houri Ipekian
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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