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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Odeh Kraskian - YOU

At first sight I thought I knew you.
But who are you really?
Are you an object? A sordid something
on auction for the highest bid?
A thing to be bought and sold
in the blink of an eye…

Or, maybe a house? A stunning mansion
with no chimney.
A fireplace without a hearth.
A fine kitchen with no oven, or a bedroom
With no room for a bed…
You may be a yacht. A dazzling vessel
with no rudder or anchor.
A train lacking a locomotive.
An expensive car with recalls on its engine,
or maybe a bicycle with no breaks…
You might be a flower. A beautiful red rose
with bloody thorns
where moist petals should be.
Or simply a cactus in an arid desert…

You could very well be
an alcoholic drink, something
like Tequila of the cheapest brand --
the kind that bestows on you
the worst hang-over the next morning….

Whatever the reason, at the very first sight
I thought I knew you…

Now, in your darkness, I can see the light.

Odeh Kraskian

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