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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Odeh Kraskian - LET'S GO

Let’s Go
Let’s go watch the sun rise,
On a crisp, winter morning.
Let’s go taste the freshly baked croissant
At “Au Bon Pain” on the Square.
Let’s go sit on the beach,
And speak to the waves.
Let’s go smell the rain
On the asphalts of the North end.
Let’s go take arty pictures
In Quincy Market.
Let’s go play with the kids,
And be silly with them.
Let’s go on a walk along the Charles,
Where the joggers are jogging, bikers are biking,
Strollers are strolling and people are living…
Let’s go smell the roses,
In your back yard.
Let’s go, you and I, and look at the new moon
On a clear, starry sky.
Let’s go together…

Odeh Kraskian

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