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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Odeh Kraskian - THE NIGHT

They said " Beware of those who like the night ".
I am a night owl. I like the nighttime!
Like a huge dragon night gulps down half the world
Than the other half. And like a big black blanket
it covers the light.
Night is a bridge to tomorrows¦

Night is like Black Sea, mellow
Yet solemn and somber.
It's like a yawning, endless forest
Hazardous, mysterious, full of unrest.
Night is like black coffee,
Strong, heavy and acrid
Yet you cannot start your day without it.

It is like dark wine, pervading your veins
To make you feel vain.
Just like a dream, it's a figment of your brain.
Night is beautiful,
You can dream your dreams at night,
Plan your thoughts at night,
And organize your world at night.
The impossible becomes possible at night.

I love the night!

Odeh Kraskian

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