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Friday, 19 March 2010

Ahmad Shamlu : NOCTURNE

A bird flew from the furthest point of high noon
Night said one "why" and resumed sleeping
The bird let out a sigh
Opened and closed its wings
Did not recognise the way to the night
And sat in the high noon

I am this same bird, indisposed by the high noon,
Its song is a sigh, its water holder a stream of blood
Its seed in the trap of the hypocrisy of celestial spheres
Its nest on top of the craddle of the jumping – restless- doubt

The nest jumps and from it
The pillars of the bird,
Its screams scrape the soul of the bird

Oh God! If you were not a doubt meanwhile
When was the world so dark?
If not you have come whole in the jail of doubts
You have come at night carrying lanterns of sun

I am this same bird whose sigh is its song.
A vessel fallen over the sea of sadness:
If my hope advances one breathe
May the clemency of my sea
Last until the last judgement day

If my hope lets down with me
Grave is the infinite sea and I!
If not I again shall open the old sea –
Say Come Hope! And bring a shovel!

I am not free of hope nor sadness

And in this happy middle I try hard

I am that same bird who opened and closed its wings
Did not recognise the way to the night, sat in the high noon.
Its negations come from the sadness of life and from the anguish of name
It percutes a sigh to the high noon and Good By.

Ahmad Shamloo
translated by Tatul Sonentz
from the French translation by Sylvie M. Miller

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