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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tatul Sonentz - My AMERICA

In my America
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
and young Homer Mcauly
rides his bike in Ithaca

In my America
East of Eden and
along the Cannery Row
forgotten men women
and children taste
the Grapes of Wrath
in a dust bowl

In my America
Ahab rides a great white whale
and tints the ocean crimson
with the blood of beast and man
with salt water in their veins
and squalls in their souls

In my America
true grit surges forth
and conquers heights
with a Daring Young Man
On a Flying Trapeze
with Seargent York
and young Audy Murphy
higher above the twin horrors
of Hiroshima and

In my America
it’s the Human Comedy
from sea to shining sea
and far beyond…

Tatul Sonentz

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