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Monday, 28 March 2011

Forugh Farrokhzâd - WHERE AM I FROM?

Where am I from ?
I said to my mother « There,
It’s over. As usual: Over before you think it over.
Let’s call the newspapers
Salam! O unusualness of a solitude!

Embrace the room
because black clouds
always absolve the latest regrets
and because - when in the presence of a candle – it is an enlightened secret
to know
that its final and longest flame is never more than a dream.

Let us believe,
Let us believe in this outset of a cold season
In what remains of the garden, in the illusory things, the blunt and idle sickles, the boxed up seeds

Look at this falling snow...

Perhaps the truth was
these two hands
these two youthful hands that were
buried in flurries of snow

Next year, when at the window panes,
spring mates the sky, bursting in it,
the green gushes of the frail shoots
will burgeon
– O love
O, most unique love of all

Let us believe in this outset of a cold season

Forough Farrokhzad (Cold Season)
translated from the original farsi by Sylvie M. Miller

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