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Friday, 4 March 2011

Odeh Kraskian - SPECTRUM

Yellow --
Like the rays of the sun
Touching golden wheat fields
On a hot summer day before harvest
Red --
Like a vintage wine
Gleaming in two goblets
Waiting for a toast to undying love
Blue --
Like the blue of your eyes
Deep and profound as the ocean
And high as boundless, cloudless skies
Green –
Born of yellow and blue --
Like a pristine, serene meadow
On an early morning in springtime
Herald of new birth, new start
And a second chance

The harmony and radiance
Of colors in nature
Are humbling…

Harbingers of peace and beauty
Yet to be heard by mankind --

As this chaotic rainbow
of mismatched colors
Thrashing around
In my mind…

Odeh Kraskian

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