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Friday, 4 March 2011

Yeghia Demirjibashian - ALONE

Years behind me
torment me
with bitter memories
of happiness.
Years ahead petrify me
with horrible forewarnings
of madness.

Past years took everything
with them, everything.
Years ahead have nothing
to offer to me
They shall bring new doubts
to my mind,
new letdowns to my heart,
and new clouds of smog
to my soul.
They come as eager bearers
of ill tidings
and depart ever so slowly,
for they always leave
with the heavy load,
of those once new years are now old.

All beddings are folded now
one by one, one by one
dishes removed and voices
silenced one by one.
Only one cot now in my house
and a single dish
on my table and not even one
single echo of a voice.

I eat my food and my food
gulps me down.
I roam around my rooms and
ghosts cram the nooks and crannies
of my cranium
and on the walls white as shrouds
clinging to each other, rove
the specters of my
loved ones.

Heartless good old years
expose to my eyes
radiant scenes of bliss,
while the years ahead
parade pitch-black shivers 
 in my soul!

Yeghia Demirjibashian - 1892
 translated by Tatul Sonentz

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