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Monday, 4 July 2011

Daniel Varoujan - SPRING SHOWER

This is not the rain hanging around a domain
In unyielding melancholy.
It is the spell of spring showering its light
On endless fields of fecundity.

The hidden stars, as if dissolved by the sun,
Pour down in myriad sheets,
And wash in their scintillating radiance
Expansions of orchard and fields.

The blue bursts in tears after hearty laughter,
And showers down diamonds,
Blind rivulets see the light and start singing
Their lush and bountiful birth.

Hefty drops of sapphire precipitate screeching
Down the depths of infinity,
Full of sunshine, exuberance, cerulean azure,
Mirth of mother-of-pearl.

The dripping meadows breathe out cool air…
Lambs are washed clean…
Scent of earth, the spreading earthly scent
Permeates village and ether.

And in my fields, my sweat soaked fields,
My tardy, belated wheat
Shoot upwards with renewed, bursting ardour
Awash in gushing streams.

And in the purified woods, at this moment,
 -- As my village fable tells --
The doe gives birth, under the bow of rain,
To a fawn, fair as the moon. 

Daniel Varoujan
translated by Tatul Sonentz

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