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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Danniel Varoujan - THE TEAM

My oxen are blond, with bright foreheads,
Which I have decked with blue amulets.
They are high on the morning air of spring –
Serenely they gaze the peaceful pastures.

All winter long, I nourished them with hay –
They look like a temple’s corpulent idols.
Their neatly combed, long hirsute tails
Lick their flanks like sinewy serpents.

I love their strong, multi-levelled backs,
Their moist nostrils, enormous pupils,
Where rests the dream of tranquil fields.

And their sway, and the mighty bellow
From far horizons – as they push onward
With their horns goring the crimson dawn.

Daniel Varoujan
Translated by Tatul Sonentz  

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  1. These Daniel Varoujan translations are terrific.