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Friday, 12 April 2013


It was the slightest breath
It was
The fine silk of the moon light,
A fountain in a garden
I was born with eyes that were like the two leaves of an elm tree
With veins like stems of water lilies
With hands like leaves of maple trees
And with a soul that rebounded like the wind over the pool
In the same way as the rain
And I was,
O harsh nature,
O father,
I was your son

Ahmad Shamlou
Adapted from the Farsi by Sylvie M. Miller

 کوچک بود و
حریر نازک مهتاب بود و
فواره باغ 

چون زاده شدم
چشمانم به دو برگ ناورن می‌مانست
رگانم به ساقه نیلوفر
دستانم به پنجه افرا
و روحی لغزنده
به سان باد و برکه!
به گونه باران

و من
ای طبیعت مشقت آلوده
ای پدر!
فرزند تو بودم

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