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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tatul Sonentz : Hello Farewell

Here we are,
You and I, at this place,
At this time in this corner of space,
After what seemed like eons –
Or, mere moments,
If you prefer…

It is your choice--though unsettled
By any assessment, human or divine,
In and between heaven and earth,
By any notion in art or science…
A lone mystery cloaked in
Universal indifference…
And make-believe

So, here we are,
You and I, once more --
Like the two separate faces
Of an alien coin -- seeking acceptance,
Value and worth on the markets
Of a lost, bankrupt paradise,
Flipped aloft by destiny
In a lethal game of
Heads, or

Here we stand,
Still erect on your shaky
Old legs, failing eyesight and
Brain cells, betrayed by arteries
Clogged by the debris of a crumbling
Heart, beating its last drum roll
Falling on tone-deaf ears
In this overcrowded
Yet lonely

Let’s face it,
Fashioned in the fever
Of original sin -- in a stark parody
Starring snake and Eve costumed in fig leaf
To conceal the first crime of passion --
You have, by now, served your time
Above ground – now is the hour
To stop, return to the dustbin
And set me free.

Tatul Sonentz

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