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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Gourken Mahari - THE NIGHT

All night long the poplars
Rustled near the fence,
All night long my heart
Listened to that sound --
I was summoned all night long
By a longing of olden days
That Kept whispering a name
All across distant dales.

Cymbals rang with merry tones,
Bandoras with silver sounds,
The wind danced all night long
So light and free, so weightless --
All night long I wandered
Along an old, ancient path,
And all around me dead days
And petals of dead flowers...

Once more your song is mine,
And now, at this nightfall
My mad longing swells
Like wild waters in the spring --
And still, oh so distant,
It seems to me that autumn
And my days are on the wing,
Ever bright and rising.

With you I bloom again,
My poplars -- brides in white,
My dreams in golden garb,
Priceless, earthly delight --
I feasted on your harvest,
With you my song has soared,
Flaring sun of my land,
My golden Nayeerian lyre...

Gourken Mahari
Translated by
Tatul Sonentz

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