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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tatul Sonentz - CHRISTMAS

down Main Street
you can see the postman
deliver greeting cards
junk mail and bills
to double- and triple-deckers…

You can see a boy on a bike
wearing a red Santa hat
delivering pizza to the recluse
and young men
with cans of beer and ale
in their idle hands.
You can see a cop tagging
an illegally parked
van displaying dried bird droppings
and a green bumper sticker
that says “Nature Knows Best”…

Over there
a mangy dog sniffs the crotch
of a poodle on a leash
attached to the door handle
of a shiny, vintage Cadillac
parked in front
of a pawn shop…

Further down
you see people
in their Sunday best enter
the Community Church carrying
or dragging kids and toddlers
bundled against the cold
and the snow and sleet
as forecast.

Way way back in time far far
from Church street
and Main
a woman-child delivers a man-child
in a manger. He will wear a crown
of thorns and before his demise
will teach us
to pray for deliverance from evil –
for ours is no kingdom of angels
or a place of power and glory…
It is just a small town
among so many…

Tatul Sonentz

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