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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tatul Sonentz - PROLOGUE

With no chorus,
of Greek dramas,
no script to warn us
of coming scenes and acts
on the bare boards of our destiny
fate summoned us to retrieve
the sweet reckless sorcery
of make-believe….

The fantasy of props,
makeup, costumes and lights,
assigned parts, forgotten
lines and missed cues
grasped at long last
after endless rehearsal…
on to opening night
and final curtain.

Was it Chekhov’s
brief and burly ‘Bear’
that brought us together?
Perhaps his one-act ‘Proposal’?
It did not matter,
for before the applause
or the final taking of bows
life’s own improvised stance
brought the final curtain down
on a clueless audience
and tired, dejected
players alike...

from that point onward
ours was a play no longer
rehearsed and memorized
but an odd chain of scenes
performed with lyrics
and melodies
yet to be scored….


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