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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Zulal Gazandjian - IF LOVE IS THIS

If love is this – and nothing more –
good as the earth, sweet as water, pure as light,
blue and boundless like bright skies,
and is just that
and nothing more –
let us not love to no avail,
let us not yearn any more
for ordinary moods, easy repetition
of melancholy things
like old melodies.

In my heart of hearts,
I have defiled the bare goodness of the earth,
altered the course of sweet waters,
imbibed light to the dregs as wine
and smashed the drained cup
on the cobblestones
like an empty sky.
I have turned the bottom of my heart
to a strip of soil for the sake
of lands yet to be seen.
Discarded as putrid that
which I had gathered -- as the best
of yesterday’s harvest --
remaining barren, cracked, thirsty
for the silent sweetness of new rains.

Done -- feasible, pointless repetitions…
No beginning, no end in souls.
A smiting lightning, flames, then ashes,
sadness till death.
Call it life or sorrow,
call it opulent past or bright morrow
that in the end,
in some evening
will ascend Golgotha
as a derisory dream or a god
or ultimate passion
crucified, alone --
a ghastly sight.
Or a farewell and exit
without tears.
Or a welcome, mute as the past,
tepid as tears, fondness
or memory.

And nothing more.

Zulal Gazandjian
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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