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Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Just two days ago
A friend sent me a video
Of Louis Armstrong’s ode
To a wonderful world…

“What a Wonderful World”...

Wonderful… Is it, indeed…?
Or was it wonderful back then
When Louis was willing and
Ready to put his heart and soul
Into those lingering lyrics
And haunting melody?

Is it still “A Wonderful World”
When there is no longer room
On our crowded agendas
To “See trees of green” or
Or the “…red roses bloom”?

Is it still “A Wonderful World”
When there is no longer a longing
For the warmth of a loved one’s
“Where have you been…?”
Or “I missed you”?

It seems like it’s true --
The world does not seem
To be the same old place today,
As old Louis said it was… Yet,
Right on time, the trees still turn
Green each and every springtime
And the roses still bloom…


Have you ever heard
Good old Armstrong sing
“What a wonderful world”? No?
You don’t know what you’re missing!
Go, have a listen to it! Step out
Singing and greet the green trees
And Smell the blooming roses…

It still is, every bit,
A wonderful, baffling world --
With or without you in it.

Odeh Kraskian

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