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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Harutiun Berberian - MARIONETTE

There was a time
when I could stand on my own.

Now I must be pulled
by my shoulders by thin threads
to move my feet head hands
to be set loose
so that my clothes may flap with the winds
and people may think
that I am still here
and the birds may assume
that I am still alive
and the wheat fields
remain secure.

There was a time
when I knew how not to be still.
Now I am merely here
I do not track
the sun and the rolling
moves of my shadow
to count the beads of time.
The sun fades my clothes
the cold wind
deforms my mien
and I ponder
in silence.

Perhaps I should
tear up the mask
of my face
so that the birds may not flee
from me
and people may breathe easy
with a smile and not worry
about the wheat
(to rise at an even height…)

There was a time
when I could be me.
Now I wish
to forget myself
in the crowd.

Perhaps it is time to depart.

Harutiun Berberian
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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