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Friday, 30 July 2010

Garo Armenian - (Hayr5)

How do words enter

into your torments

become nudity
become taste and incense?

How do words enter into your hours?

How do they quiver
and turn to fatherness?

How do words come and find you
on the edge of your death?

How are they born with their

How do they deride the colorless sequence
set by alphabetic stature

in the packed pages of lexicons?

How do they untangle the last cipher
of concealment

with one clear glance?

How do words become revelation
enter locations

and disappear
in the great commotion?

How do words shimmer in the distance?
You seek in vain
remembering the scent

of your heart’s desire

without stopping
and always seeking
your ear tuned to her footsteps

How do words stick to their guns?
How do words reject seals?
They reject roads
living like goats
they find their path
on sheer rock

and standing alert
they observe intently
from forlorn heights

this grand astounding scene


from the tip of a reed

on the still spotless folios of this old seared skin of a sheep
forever unknown

Garo Armenian
July 27, 2010

translated by Tatul Sonentz

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