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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Khoren Manavian - TOO LATE

You pour your heart out.
You embrace the blessed offering
of tender ardour and sincere love.
Now and then, in hunger, you savour
while your heart is wide open
insatiate – more and more.
And one day, crestfallen, you find out
that the one and only love
has fled from your heart – Pity.
You are too late to keep the sanctity
of your heart.

You pour your mind out.
Learning gushes in as years fly by in droves.
Sure of yourself, you start to strive,
yet step by step you hand over the yield
of your thoughts to the hungry winds.
At last you realize – you and your wisdom
leave much to be desired at the zenith
of your open and free thoughts.
To what avail? You are to late
to put them to use.

You pour your soul out
to hope, to light, to sweet-tasting bliss.
You only allow the drippy delight
of your dreams nurtured only by mere desire.
You leave your soul wide open – Bitter days arrive.
You fall, alas, into the stressful and cruel lap
of reality. To what avail? You are too late
to spare your soul the hollow
yearning of fantasy.

 Khoren Manavian
26 July, 2009
Translated by Tatul Sonentz 

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