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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Movses Der Kalousdian - PRAYER

(In memory of my hapless father,
Senior Priest, Fr. Abraham Der Kalousdian)

Lord, turn me into a sliver of a cloud,
To have me sprinkle from the skies blessing and mercy.
Regardless of an ever-thankless humanity ….
When the fields feel the scourge of drought,
When parched plants plead for water,
When thirst fells the tired traveler near a dry spring,
Oh, Lord, my God, turn me into a speck of a rain cloud.

Lord, turn me into a candle,
So that I may eject the darkness from an indigent’s hovel.
Let the hungry forget the pangs of penury,
In my light, may the poor widow lull her orphans to sleep
With a sweet lullaby, and attend to her chores
to provide tomorrow’s keep….
Oh, Lord, my God, turn me into a lit candle
in an indigent’s hut.

Lord, turn me into a salve,
To soothe a myriad ills.
Led me cure all the maladies
That consume youthful breasts,
Kill the child in the parents’ arms,
Forever separate loving souls.
Let the one who keeps the family alive live because of me.
Let me turn all wounds into traces of a kiss.
Oh, Lord, my God, turn me into a salve that cures all.

Lord, Lord, transform my very soul.
Change me to whatever you wish,
Just do not let me remain a man –
man is ever so selfish!
Through my consumption, let the fallen arise --
Make me see another’s survival in my demise.

Movses Der Kalousdian
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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