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Friday, 13 February 2015

Tatul Sonentz Papazian - COME

 “Deir ez-Zor” Tatul Sonentz (2012)

To all deniers…

Sing with me
The sad song born
In the slit throats of my kin
A wretched distant dirge
Long smothered by
Desert sands and
Scattered by ill
Winds of
Let us listen
To the echoes
Of unsung lullabies
Rising in both volume
And pitch from mouths
That once sucked on
Withered breasts of
Dead mothers
Raped and
Beaten to
A pulp
Come and
Lend an ear to
The somber gibber
Of solumn academics
Bartered and bought
On slick markets
Of petrodollars
Dispensed by
Of lies
Raise your
Voice with those
Whose past is silence
And the present darkness
Even in the light of day
That rises red on that
Hot slaughterhouse
named Der Zor…
Come shed
A tear or
For your dead souls.

Tatul Sonentz


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