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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ruben Sevak - THE SWANS

T H E   S W A N S
Il est d’etranges soirs,
Ou les fleurs ont une ame…
                Albert Samain

Silent is the night, a serene summer night,
Darkness has draped the vastness of the sky;
In the distance, only a few scattered lights
Flake down their snow ever so softly…

Not a whisper. Silence shimmers and shivers
In the endless, limitless expanse of space;
And like blinking eyes, the distant glimmers
Of street lights gleam in the palm of suburbs.

Towering in the eyes of the dark, the far away
Shadow of the Juras naps serene, soundless;
Further up, enormous, with disdainful sway
Rises high the Alps’ amethyst countenance.

Couched sensuously in the primeval cradle
Of the ageless pair of the most majestic chain,
Slumbers the azure spirit of Leman, lovable
As the fairest of fairies of those mountains.

* * *
The night is still, the lake, sad. In the distance,
Enticing as early sunrays, playful as bubbles,
On the becalmed surface of the sleeping waters,
Two swans slide silent, in secluded loneliness.

Their bodies are lovely, unsoiled by any speck,
With snow-white feathered wings of silver,
And their long, marble-cast, curvilinear necks
Akin to temple columns designed by dreamers.

They approach each other, oh, ever so slowly,
After a straight surge avast, they join beaks,
In a way not ever matched by lips in ecstasy,
In fervor of such turmoil that passion wreaks.

* * *

And they raise high their snow-white wings,
They entwine their soaring necks skyward,
In a manner that no two arms can ever swing,
Even at love’s peak passion’s clear command…

Far, far away, village lights flicker in the dark,
Farther, yet higher, is the Juras’ distinct likeness;
Higher yet, the panorama of the Alps, tall, stark;
Higher still, the firmament stands as witness….

Below, morose, on the placid, napping waters,
Content with the knowledge of a regal duty,
Mouth to mouth, neck around neck, ponder
The swans in deep silence, motionless, haughty….

July, 1907 ------------------ RUBEN SEVAK

Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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