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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tatul Sonentz Papazian: EVE

I met you
As an insider
Floating all alone
In the dark waters of
Conception and assembly --
A time period that lasted longer
Than for the Creator himself
To dream up, misconceive
To conjure and to mold
This chaotic cosmos
In solitary haste…

I snorted
And choked
On your blood
In my savage trip
From dark to light
From calm to clamor
As I hung upside down
Screaming in terror
And forcing two
Novice lungs
To survive
On air…

I dug my fingers
In your full breasts
For food and comfort
Worshiped you as mother
Rejected you as consort
To your husband’s
Pandering lust
And desire…

I had you
As my sister
And loved you
As such and shared
You with her who
In fact is none
Other than

Aunt, niece, sister
Schoolmarm, schoolmate
Playmate and girlfriend
Sweetheart, fiancée
Spouse, partner…
And much

I met you
In the Scriptures
Cavorting in the shade
Of the lone tree of desire
With snakelike roots
And enticing fruit
Forever stuck
In Adam’s

From fair Eden
Your heel now seeks
The head of the serpent
To crush or to stand erect
On the apple-chocked
Throat or the supine
Neck of Adam --
Your sinning

Tatul Sonentz Papazian

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