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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tatul Sonentz - WINDBLOWN

“Where is that stunning
dark-eyed woman?”
whispered the wind,
as I sat all alone
by the stream,
smoking my pipe...

“What woman?” I replied,
feigning ignorance...

“That rare beauty,
with long, black tresses,”
responded the wind,
“the one in whose eyes
you saw the sun rise
over cloudy days...”

“I don’t really know—
as the sun is my witness...”
I assured the wind, “they say,
a storm carried her away
to a far-off place...”

The wind was silent,
Sullen, restless...

so I turned to the sun
and said, “Say something!”
but it wouldn’t come out
from behind a cloud...
I turned back to the wind,
but it too had vanished
without a sound...

Now I sit here alone
smoking my pipe
by the stream.

Tatul Sonentz

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