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Monday, 23 November 2009

Shirin Ghobadi - THE MAN IN ME

She kisses me - like water kissing the earth
melting in the palm of my being
nurturing the oasis of my dreams
She circles the ephemeral orb of my essence
Glides like calming clouds -
across the ever changing plateau of my heart;
She deforms and transforms my memory
liberates me from the confines of time
rescues my vessel in the face of debilitating storms
She is a passionate voice, risen from captive, muted stones
that penetrates and cracks the walls of my qualms
She curves and splinters the dimensions of my soul
sanctioning it to expand, to explore
She is a lover and beloved incarnated in a feminine body
that the man in me, worships, assails, conquers, humbles and then recklessly destroys.

Shirin Ghobadi

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