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Monday, 18 January 2010

Vahé Oshagan - MOTHER

The seed of life strewn lavish
in markets of endless cosmos
complete twenty-four hours a week
auction sale “free to take” and the mob
rushed in a frenzy and grabbed
whatever it could take home to keep
and ran back to enchanted stores
full to the brim supplies spilled over
it grasped again clasped carried
rushed out melded with demented hordes
hitting kicking knocking snatched all it found
rock animal forest sky its appetite is boundless
tears man and God apart and creates life
not word word is not life just a poor
pathetic pitiful yet treacherousblack hyphen
a breathless voice echo of an amorphous
meaning hardly reaching the moment
of creation it will stand tall in the glow
flesh and bone embodiment of hope
sorrow bewilderment and bliss
which is a man.

Sitting alone in a corner
she contemplates the facade
that will emerge from the clamor of pillage
thinking “this is my lot” yet aware by instinct
that she is a mere crucible small vessel
of Creativity unreachable unutterable
devoid of purpose to what? To what?
“I don’t get it” she will repeat mechanically
until the ocean of her words dries up
and their place comes to fill an ardent
unadorned endless love for her offspring
and humanity the furtive magic of life.

Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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