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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sylva Kaputikian - RUPTURE

Stressed with yearning
To stay contained, deep in myself
I long to surface without concern,
To be a child with the newborn day
Longing to emerge unnamed and move on and on
I yearn for a new revelation,
To be filled with cosmic elation
I long to rise with the sun at your uttered word,
To flood within with hidden fate,
To fall apart in distress and yearn
I yearn with a thousand doubts and riddles
Racing each other,
Jostling me in heated turmoil,
Unraveling me, cutting me off from me
And suddenly I sense
That I am yearning for me

* * *

In my memorabilia I do not have any --
I have not a single intimate tombstone.
Nebulous names nap within me
An untidy tomb of a teeming kin.

Oh Lord! Whose name shall I hug,
Whom shall I adulate in my mind?
What stone shall be a base and prop my candles,
For which single slab shall I burn incense?

translated by Tatul Sonentz

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