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Transposer une culture dans une autre par delà les barrières culturelles

Thursday, 9 September 2010


When the Creator fashioned the cosmos,
He noticed things like in flaming sunshine,
light was bottomless

Rain was mirthless,
violets shrinking,
fire spotless!

He sensed, that the melody
of waters falling
was way too flat and faultless,
and that the thirst
of a sprouting seed
exceeded that of the entire planet.

Then, God also noticed,
that He was not through
constructing the world,
he was not yet done
with His crucial quest!

For something to reflect
His own spirit
a haven for man,
something bare and open,
contentious, yet
something that could be
simple, within grasp
and yet beset
with complexity!

And much, much more!

Therefore He concocted
basic elements,
bestowing on them,
conjurer's skills,
He placed in the fusion
a breath of His own,
and He completed
His best opus yet:

The soul of the poet!
translated by Tatul Sonentz 

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