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Transposer une culture dans une autre par delà les barrières culturelles

Saturday, 31 March 2012


Awakened by a dream with a start,
I ran into another dream…
And I, a painter of wonders,
Dipped my brush
Into a huge pail
Full of gloom, phlegm and  muddy refuse
And with furious strokes
I painted multicoloured
The immense world of man
Set on the tripod of Nothing
as a canvas….

I painted the yearnings of man colourless,
All soaring arches I painted in the colour of pain…
And I sought their dreams in vain,
To paint
In the colour of silence….

The roads on which man ran,
I covered with rust and tarnish,
And there, where the loves of man were,
I punched holes with the grip of my brush,
And where the eyes were,
I glued frozen buttons with acidic paste…
And I spread ashes, dust and waste,
There, where man’s promises were…
And from the old toolbox I took out blunt, twisted nails
And I nailed
There, where their smiles were…
Then I plastered decaying layers of rags
There, where the chests and secrets of men were ….

 And then I dug a bottomless pit
 In men’s abdomen,
And buried there the world’s last revolution,
And I shoved in there the inane fable of equality and love,
And I covered the pit with the jelled entrails
Of  all slaughtered, and still to be slaughtered liberties
 And I signed my masterpiece
 With the nail scratching of my disgust,
 And I tossed it
 Where I had picked it up last,
-- Hideously abandoned in the rotting NOTHINGNESS…!

Zareh Melconian
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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