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Friday, 6 September 2013


your eyelids veil the sorrow
of dreams void of tomorrow
the breath of the one that rises
from your elemental coma
that right after contact
vanishes without a trace
leaving that tender taste
in this sedated body of yours

there’s a sky past the mountain
beyond the river is a new land
this wing of yearning soars
to its forebears’ homeland
your ancestors disappeared
hordes came by to force roots
into the navel of your lands   
your rivers revised their beds
and swarmed all your valleys
the last chapel crashed and sank
as a common covert crime  

your body lives at this time
its appalling novel life
it lives with no forewarning
with no lucid awareness
you are the sterile life itself
wrenched forever from your nature
forever ditched by your mystery
unfamiliar by your very essence
lines still trace in your palms
as moot hints of existence
summoned by thundering voices
you agonize with crimson sores

and you survive and live on
with not a hint of retreat
never ever feeling sated
ever without a single claim
you live covert a double life
deep in debt to one and all
with pennies pinched from Peter
you repay your debt to Paul
only to borrow once more
sums to be returned tenfold
you live a life of dishonor
pawning the rags that you wear

your eyelids veil the weariness
of your status devoid of dreams
your sterile chain of memories
the dark dead-end of your hopes
the road unwinds in the distance
the sound of the racket raised
by the brazen bacchanalia 
leaves you in arrears each time
you keep your faith in the dawn
you are enthralled by the moon
then you shrivel once again
and surrender to your coma

………………..Garo Armenian
August 25, 2013

Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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