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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Henrik Edoyan - TWO STATES

The sun plays on my face,
Flittering like a fly.
The street swims
In the tide of summer.

I recall
Several mantras (translated all
From Sanskrit.) and contemplate
Their quintessence.

Alas! I am neither Christ
Nor Buddha,
I cannot resurrect anyone,
I cannot anoint
Any Mary Magdalene.
I can’t even heal an ailing hand!

A man approaches
Asking for a cigarette.
Alas! I do not smoke.

The raindrop drops
Falls, rolls
From leaf to leaf
Runs around, frolics
Like a child.

Facing my eyes
Is the same world.
It Seems nothing changes –
The same drop runs
Around the bent branches of my years.

Today, sitting
On this wooden bench,
I cannot recall your name.
I have not bothered with you.
I have not said, “Listen to me, if you can”.
A man and a woman pass by the park,
Grey haired –
They are walking a puppy.
They did not look at me. They were silent. They left.

Henrik Edoyan

Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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