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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sylvie M. Miller - ETERNITY for a friend

Eternity can be
a sea shell on a shore
figuring how to be
part of the Milky Way

Eternity can be
a sail boat on its way
or a break in the clouds
or a boat in a bay

it can be a shimmer
on the sea, 
it can be 
a murmur - unreleased
claiming for memory

it can be in Iran, in Masjed Soleyman
where a Surat at dawn
left its gold in your eyes
where carpets of lilies 
unfold under the skies
for mountains to kneel on

and the winds churn and tease
the horizons aglow

where – because you have gone –
the yellow tulips sway
like Sufis in the breeze
in their search for the sun

Eternity is pain 
for having done you wrong 
yet knowing that my choice
had been your's all along 

and - as this shroud is shorn 
from the mist where I mourn 
to wipe the dew away -

- as the Orients alight  setting mountains ablaze 
and a haze is lifted from my soul
- as I pray 

Eternity is you 
in my heart 
on this day

15 July 


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