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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Reza Baghdadi - THE RAIN AGAIN

The rain again
The loneliness
The night and my heart thumping
Like a prisoner against
The walls and door

It  pleads for me to let it free
From the sadness of the dark
The depressing and shady night,
From the failing memory

What must I respond to it?
The poor chap has its reasons
He's woven your name before me
One row after another
Reminded me one by one
The memories
I have of you

Ah tell me rain, have you got news?

My heart is consumed
Could it be
That the fire was ignited
Somewhere in her hot embrace?

The rain again
And with it
The scented perfume of her hair
The memory of that moment
When we said to each other
Whether you are loyal to me
Or you hurt me
I shall stay

Reza Baghdadi

Adapted from the Farsi

by Sylvie M. Miller

باز باران
باز تنها ي ي
شب و صدايه دل من
که خودش را چو اسیري به قفس ك ي
دائما بر در د یوار زند ي
که رها یم کن از غم ك ك ي
از خاموشي ها ...
از شب تيره و تاريك و فراموشيها
چه جوابي بدهم؟
طفلکي حق دارد ك
رج به رج نام تو را پیش من مي بافد ي
يكیک به یکيك خاطره ات یاد من مي آرد ي
آه اي باران
تو خبرداري؟
دل من سوخته است
کنج این سینه ي پر تب او ك ي ي
آتش افروخته است؟
باز باران
و شمیم خوش عطر مو یت ي ي
 یاد آن لحظه که گفتم با توك يیی
تو به من جور کني ك
یا که وفا ك ي ي 
نروم از كويت

رضا  بغدادی  

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