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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tatul Sonentz Papazian - A MISSED CALL

“The winds of March,”
she sang -- a long, time ago,
“that make my heart a dancer…”
with her tiny voice, oh, so mellow,
“A telephone rings, but who’s to answer?”
It breaks my heart, dear Lord, for now I know,
it rang for me, then, and I was not there…

“A fairground’s painted swings,”
went the old song, “these foolish things
remind me of you…”
Oh, dear Lord, they still do, as I long for you,
windblown, forlorn, with this melody
ringing in my head -- a missed call
once ignored, now haunting me…

The march of time has swept all,
leaving behind this melody…

Tatul Sonentz

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