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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Liparit Nazariants - PERSIANA

I. The Flute

I had an amber flute, to sing my songs.
I sang the steely summits
Of my native mountains and the blue skies
They pierced.
And my flute resonated high and happy,
Like the skylark’s song.
And I sang the velvet of the night
And the colorful lace
Of first light.
And my song resounded jubilant
And passionate as the holy
Hymns of pagan priests.
But when I sang to my beloved –
Brighter than the dawn,
More mysterious than the heavens --
My lips’ fervor
Dissolved the flute’s amber.
II. The Pitcher

There, at the head of the fountain,
I saw my beloved surrounded
By young women.
And her laughter echoed
The fountain’s silver warble.
A shepherd ambled by
And asked for a drink.
She smiled and, ever so tender,
Extended the pitcher
To his lips.
Then approached a minstrel
Asking for a drink.
She smiled again and extended
The pitcher for him
To drink.
But when I approached
To quench my thirst,
She threw the pitcher against the rocks
Smashing it to bits.
The young women burst out laughing,
With mockery and deride.
But I was content –
My beloved had set me aside
From all others.
III. The Flowers

I saw my beloved maiden
Decked in flowers,
Coming out of her garden.
And I said:
“Give me that rose in your hair,
So flushed in the purlieu
Of your cheeks. Let me rekindle
My pale lips with its flair.”
And, “Give me the lilies on your breast,
Breathing the aroma of your bosom --
Let me imbibe their scent
And get drunk.”
She picked a flower in haste,
Plucked its petals
And gave me the stem.
But I already had
What I wished for most.
And my beloved’s face flushed
Like a rose and a bright, lily-like smile
Bloomed on the corners
Of her mouth.
Liparit Nazariants
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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