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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Rouben Sevak - Intoxicated Night

There is incense in the air, kisses in the air,
Coddling in the air -- the air emits a soft flair,
Myriads of fairies seem to whisper and stare.
Tonight, around me, eternal things in the air…
There roars in the night a restless commotion,
Invincible as love, despondent as disaffection,
Scores of stars, a sigh or two in the twilight…
Above me, the night sky twinkles in delight.
The lake rises and soars spewing silver foam,
Each and every wave assumes a siren’s form,
And seems to murmur a beguiling welcome…
Tonight, a myriad things in my lake’s bosom.
Oh, for a seething heart and two moist eyes,
My head cradled on the gentle heave of sighs,
My arms across hers, interlaced… yet apart…
Tonight, a myriad things in my hungry heart.

Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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