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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tatul Sonentz : Slip Sliding in Main

From the pitch-black
of that December night
galaxies of snow flakes
rushed at us riding the winds
of a nor’easter rushing south
like us in our lone vehicle
skating on a dicey highway
concealed in an exploding
universe of tiny glistening stars
colliding and freezing hard
on the windshield wipers
and the probing pair of
squinting headlights…

There were other nights
on the fast lane in moonlight
shrouded aloof stars
and aloft a lone airliner
a flight from somewhere
to anywhere ferrying fugitives
from boredom or despair…

But that December night
we were alone -- you the car
and I a threesome of human
and machine freezing blood
and burning gasoline ensnared
in the maelstrom of a raging
storm of snow wind fright
passion and yearning…

All gone in the morning.


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