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Monday, 19 October 2009

Tatul Sonentz - MUTED MESSAGE

First snow of the year
life is muffled like the sounds
made by a string ensemble
playing to cuddling earmuffs --
out of sight out of reach to those
stranded in the lone recesses
of a receding lifeline…
* * *
Nothing can speak louder
or freeze colder than silence.
No curse emoted or whispered
can cause the pain that silence can
without emitting a word without
being there – where once moans
of a shared passion steamed
the windowpanes of a place
where one now lives alone
dismissed -- sheltered
yet homeless…

With its meandering flakes
silence descends like a shroud
on the love that once was a home
for what seemed like eternity
constant and ageless –
from lullaby to taps…
* * *
First snow of the year
when desire is muted like
a murmured prayer to gods
long departed…

Tatul Sonentz

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