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Sunday, 4 October 2009


Heart of mine – you cannot swim without me –
Love is vast as seas – but the sea is not love
It grabs and moves
to seven distant seashores –
Do not be enticed
My heart – do not leave

Heart of mine – you cannot shine without me –
Love is sun – the sun is not love
It sears – it burns
it pours seven-hued flames on you –
Do not be tempted
My heart – do not burn

Heart of mine – you cannot shudder without me
Love is a shiver – shiver is not love
It freezes
It covers you with seven layers of snow –
Do not be entranced
My heart – do not freeze

Heart of mine – with or without me
It is not proper to crawl in the dust –
My love is a radiant mountain summit –
Hear the mountain – calling –
it sings a seven-string song along
the sad endings of all loves –
Do not despair
My love – as a pair
Let us rise to the summit

Poem by ZAHRAD
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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