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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Odeh Kraskian - JOURNEY TO THE HUB ...

A delightful place to be cold
in the winter. Boston.
Countless monuments clad
in red brick and a mantle
of history of threatened liberty.
Boston. Home of Celtic Patriots
wearing Red Socks…

A fabulous place to be
for a refugee from cruelty. Boston.
A place where art corners you
at every turn disguised
as Harvard Square, Beacon Hill,
or as a gallery on Newbury Street…

A stage where Brahms meets Bernstein
at Symphony Hall and sings of hope
with Beethoven.
Boston! An ode and abode for me
on my journey of life –
A delightful place
to enjoy the cold while waiting
a moment for the sun
to rise once more…

My new love.
Hub of my new life.

Odeh Kraskian

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