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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Daniel Varoujan - POPPIES

Sister, poppies grow in your grove -- pick them!
See how they bleed like lovelorn hearts!
From their crystal cups we shall swig
the flowing stream of the sun.

Their flames have spread beyond all bounds
and their fire engulfs entire meadows.
We shall sip the sparkle of stars
from their blazing goblets.

Pluck them, sister, as they cower like quails
in the wheat fields swaying so gently.
We shall imbibe the furrows’ blood
From their crimson colored cups.

Bent over the larks’ nests they glimmer
rippling in rows of scarlet clusters.
From their crimson tumblers we shall drink
the glowing pledge of spring.

Pick them, sister -- flame, more than poppy --
Jam your virgin’s apron with their blaze.
From their silky smooth flutes
we shall wash down the fires of June.

They have bloomed like your lovely lips
they chaff with the wheat swaying in the wind.
From their purple chalices
we shall sip the mystery of the husks.

Pick them, sister, make garlands of them
to wear at tomorrow’s rustic festival.
And from those cups, as we dance,
Let us savor the wine of fervour.

Daniel Varoujan
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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